A Special Gift from Fortinos to Celebrate Residents’ Birthdays!

Every month, the shelter program at 445 Rexdale celebrates the birthdays of residents – and this month we received a generous donation of 150 cupcakes from Fortinos!

Celebrating the birthdays of our residents has become an important monthly tradition at Rexdale, and the cupcakes received from Fortinos were a special way to add to the festivities.  Birthdays can be hard for anyone, but can be especially difficult when you’re living in a shelter. Traditions like this help break isolation, and allow staff to make more meaningful connections with residents on their journeys to finding permanent housing.

The CONC team and shelter residents would like to send a big thank you to the Fortinos at 330 Queens Plate Dr. for this generous donation!

Are you interested in contributing to our birthday celebrations? Email Yash, Rexdale’s Community Liaison Lead, at yashshree@conc.ca 

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