An Important Letter

This week, The Nook Children’s Program received a letter that we felt was important to share. The work that the Nook does may seem like we are just focused on children, but we also share in the support of the parents and communities these children are a part of. The following letter from a Nook parent is an example of that – one story among many of how we are working to advance our communities by building a strong network of care for our children.

“Hi there!

Hope all is well with you.

 I am emailing you to tell you that I finally got a job offer and I would

like to thank you for your support regarding the childcare.

I have been feeling bad about using your service while I don’t work

full-time, though I have my freelance work and looking for a job is indeed

a full-time work.  I have applied for more than 50 positions since

September and without the Nook, it would have been difficult for me to go

for interviews and prepare for work.  Now that I know [my son] has a safe place

to go after school, I can start working anytime they tell me to.

Childcare is the biggest issue and as a single parent with no support, I

hadn’t been able to work before even when there had been an offer.  When I

did my placement last year, I couldn’t have done without my mother coming

all the way from Japan to look after [my son].  I am very grateful that [he] is

in your program.  What you do is amazing and very helpful, and I hope all

your staff and volunteers know that and are proud of that.

Thanks for reading this.  I wanted to share my happiness and wanted you to

know how much I appreciate your program.”  


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