CONC Artist: Joseph


Here at Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre (CONC), we celebrate and have discovered many hidden and talented artists over the years. Currently, one of our more exclusively ‘hidden’ and modest artists is Joseph, who loves to work on large canvases only. He shops around for the best and thickest canvas material, and discarded wooden frames from rejected artwork at charity shops, and gives them a new face. However, being an original and full of energy, sometimes his artworks can turn into multiple masterpieces. Once you see something you love, chances are you will never see it again, thus making it truly an original artwork!

One of Joseph’s large pieces was displayed at Wallace Espresso Cafe (Dupont & Edwin Ave) for the month of November. Finding the right place to display Joseph’s work is challenging because of their size. If anyone is interested is showing an exhibition for Joseph, please reach out to our communications team: for more info.


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