George Chuvalo Community Centre needs your Green Sensibilities!

Have you been “going green” at home? What about beyond your own backyard?  For many communities and families, going green means being more in tune with nature, not just for the environment, but also for our own well-being, our pocketbooks, and the general pace of our lives in an urban environment.

A lot of us are looking for easy and creative ways to connect with nature in the city.  For example, one Toronto community has set out to make going green a priority, Ward 21!* This ward has created its own initiative with a grassroots, action-oriented community group that works together to respond to the many environmental issues, including climate change.

As we work towards the opening of our George Chuvalo Community Centre in the Junction Triangle, our aim is to reach out to individuals and neighbours, local businesses, and other community groups to share their ideas and collaborate around potential green initiatives for the centre; Edible indoor gardens, living green walls, bike racks, vermicomposting, animal life, waste reduction, clothing & toy swaps and repurposed materials are just a few possible ideas. We would like to work collectively to bring plant and animal life inside the community centre, especially in ways that folks may not have the space or resources for within their own housing situation.

If you are interested in joining our Green Initiatives Group (GIG) or would like more information, please send us an email: We are looking to arrange our first meeting, to delve into all the fun fantastic green ideas we can come up with, this June!


For further reading about other sustainable steps that you and your family can take, please check out the links below:

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*(Ward 21 is St. Paul’s West, roughly bounded by Winona drive to the west, Spadina Rd. to the east, Briar Hill Avenue to the north and the CPR tracks (north of Dupont Street) to the south)

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