Stories from our Students!

CONC has the great pleasure of taking on placement students every year from colleges around Toronto who are interested in advancing their skills in social work, nursing, food & hospitality and community organizing.

As the school year comes to an end, one of our wonderful placement students from LOFT Kitchen wanted to share her story about her time with us:

            I started my placement search during the summer of 2016. After having a really horrible experience at my previous placement, I had to make sure I started searching early to avoid getting myself into the same situation. After literally days of searching online, I came across CONC. I browsed the website and started to become more and more interested with the organization. I look through all their programs, their history, mission and that’s when I came across LOFT Kitchen. I clicked on the tab and the first thing that came up was a colour-filled webpage of images of food (I mean if you like food, you also like looking at pictures of food as well). Curious, I went through the “about” page of LOFT Kitchen and came across the term “Social Enterprise”. Mind you, I have never heard of that term before so it was something new to me. I had no concept of what a social enterprise was but I still decided to contact Erica– LOFT Kitchen’s Manager.

I reached out to her expressing that I was looking for a placement for my second year and that I wanted to learn more about the organization. I think it was about a week or so after the initial conversation that I had my first meeting with Erica at LOFT Kitchen. The first thing I noticed was how aesthetically pleasing the space was. Erica had begun to explain what a social enterprise was and what type of social enterprise LOFT Kitchen was. In all honesty, I thought it was one of the coolest things that I have ever heard. LOFT Kitchen’s main mission is to essentially provide youth with service-based training, leadership skills and work readiness. Throughout my placement I’ve had countless opportunities to be part of many aspects of LOFT. I was able to attend meetings, presentations from International Social Enterprises and just overall feel like I was included.

After accepting a position as a placement student at LOFT Kitchen; I really began to realize what the purpose of a placement was for. During my last placement, I didn’t learn anything– my placement at LOFT Kitchen essentially made up for both of my placements. Over the course of my placement I learned so many different skills, things and have also developed on my previous skills. I learned how to write grants, how to brand and market on social media, how to cater an event and most importantly I learned about social enterprise. During my placement at LOFT Kitchen, I met some passionate individuals, hardworking youth and probably the best supervisors I could have. I learned a lot from Erica, Mark and Samantha and couldn’t imagine doing my placement at any other organization except LOFT Kitchen.           – Justena, Seneca College Placement Student

Thanks to all our wonderful students from this year and years past! Those interested in completing their placement with CONC are encouraged to visit Get Involved and fill out an application form.

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