Stories from the Shelter: Sonja & Bryan

After staying at the CONC Rexdale shelter for a couple of weeks, clients Sonja & Bryan took the time to write this email to our manager, Andre. We are sharing it here with their permission:

“Firstly, I wanted to reiterate my ultimate gratitude, for allowing us to focus (together), on a better future, and take advantage of the stellar staff that you have working on our client files.

I am currently waiting on the processing of my American birth certificate, so that I can reclaim my dual citizenship, and move towards employment and housing.  The Neighbourhood Group/ PAID Outreach Program, is working diligently on my case file, and updating me regularly.  I will be sure to update your team, as soon as I have some positive news.

 I [Bryan] am in a  great turbine of multiple dental and visual appointments/ surgeries, not withstanding an EEG in February, and the removal of the rest of my teeth. We are working with Nurse Eileen, and Bryan’s medical team, to expedite this in a timely matter. Thank you for your time.

Many thanks & best regards,

Sonja & Bryan”

We are sharing the words of Bryan and Sonja because their story really highlights the way that an holistic approach to services can work to best serve everyone that walks through our doors. We don’t just provide meals and a bed. We provide the myriad of connections that people need to truly thrive. For Bryan and Sonja it was healthcare attention and referrals through the Inner City Health Network nurses on site, and the chance to obtain identification through the PAID Outreach program. The loss of ID is very common for people who experience homelessness. It is something that people usually take for granted, but can serve as a huge obstacle when trying to reconnect to housing or employment. 

We are grateful for all our service partnerships, and will continue building them in the coming years.

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